Misha Pavlovic

regional representative Serbia & Montenegro

Misha has extensive experience in financial and strategic management across multiple industries and disciplines. Starting his professional career in banking, he ventured into real estate, managing investment in Serbian infrastructure, building and reconstruction for the Building Directorate of Serbia. He worked as a financial consultant, project manager CFO and Deputy CEO for a number of international companies active in Serbia including Balgreen, Wode and Mercedes Benz. He graduated from the University of Belgrade and acquired a number of certifications in hospitality management.

Gripped by an interest in the tourism and hospitality industry and using his financial, real estate and project management know-how, he worked as a professional hospitality asset manager for Melia Hotel in Budva, Montenegro.

Having joined HAM in 2020, he represents the company in Serbia and Montenegro, devoted to the supporting of touristic development in the region. With his impressive skillset and his enthusiasm towards the industry, he strives to and offer professional consultancy to hotel owners, managers and other players within the tourism and hospitality industry in collaboration with the head office team in Vienna.

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  • Misha Pavlovic

    Misha Pavlovic

    regional representative Serbia & Montenegro

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