Marco Simonis

F&B expert

Marco is a devoted gastronome and restaurateur. His credo in the business is “Do things with passion - or not at all". Together with his wife, following their vision, he opened his restaurant ‘Bastei10’ in the heart of Vienna, a truly exceptional concept combining elements of the highest quality food, interior design and the conviviality of French F&B. What you see at ‘Bastei10’, you see at Marco’s other projects: relentless attention to detail, uncompromised quality and a thorough understanding of various target segments.

During his career, Marco ventured into different concepts. He opened “Brasserie Maximilian” in Prague, as part of a boutique hotel in the heart of the city, inspired by the city and the contrasts that make it unique. His outlet “Marco Simonis Kantine”, a modern-style cafeteria, was designed as an easy, beautiful place where people can get together for their lunch break, with exceptional design, fitting perfectly into modern work life. “Urban Appetite 1040” is a modern deli, that fits into its location perfectly, accompanying the neighbourhood crowd from morning until the evening. Marco’s vision and passion for his trade manifests itself in all his projects, be it his standalone outlets or “Marco Simonis Catering”, his high-end catering venture which goes beyond just the food to cover design, furniture and decoration to provide a holistic experience.

Having joined HAM as a F&B expert in 2020, he supports our team in all aspects of gastronomy. With his understanding of a plethora of concepts, disciplines, guest preferences, we can think of no better partner in this area.

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