Harald Hafner

sales and marketing expert

Harald has more than 40 years’ experience in marketing & sales management of hotels, resorts and related properties. He worked for Hilton and numerous other renowned travel and tourism companies. He graduated from the Hotel School Bad Hofgastein, Salzburg.

After his career in hotel marketing management, in 1995 he founded HOTMAMA a specialised marketing advisory for the hospitality industry. He is also a lecturer at the hotel ‎school Modul in Vienna.‎

After completing a number of successful assignments for HAM since 2004, he joined us permanently in 2018 and has been working ever since as a marketing expert associate, overseeing challenging and exciting projects in marketing, branding and re-positioning throughout Eastern Europe.

  • Frans-Jan Soede

    Frans-Jan Soede

    CEO - founder

  • Semir Kujovic

    Semir Kujovic

    project manager

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    Sebastian Wolff

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  • Gottfried Woisetschlaeger

    Gottfried Woisetschlaeger

    architecture & design

  • Harald Hafner

    Harald Hafner

    sales and marketing expert

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    Elimane Sy

    Regional Representative Senegal & Gambia

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