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Christof Burgbacher

Regional Representative – Maghreb Countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria)

Christof joined HAM in 2020 and heads our Morocco regional office providing services to hotel owners, developers and other stakeholders.

He has lived and worked in Marrakech, Morocco since 2012. When he arrived he was working for a German luxury hotel group, and since then he has been involved in various tourism development projects in North Africa.

Through his work with the private sector, public institutions and international organizations, he has in-depth knowledge of the local market and has a broad network.
Due to their proximity to Europe, the countries of North Africa still have a high tourist development potential. With Christof, HAM will help its customers to recognize this potential and use it in the right way.

In addition to his knowledge of the local market, Christof is an expert in sustainable tourism, which will become a decisive factor in tourism, especially in Africa.

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