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HAM office in Tirana, Albania

We are proud to announce that we recently opened our newest office in Tirana, Albania from where we plan to oversee the regional tourism and hotel real estate market in Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro. Our local representative, Kliton IKONOMI, MRICS who has extensive experience in the regional real estate market is a great partner to have on board for this venture and we look forward to working with him.

The services we provide in tourism consulting and hotel & resort project development in the region corresponds to our core offer: strategic consulting, operational consulting, asset management, operator and investor search, business process outsourcing. In the meantime our mission remains to create value for our clients with our strategic advice.

We thank our past, existing as well as future clients for their trust and appreciation in our approach at improving their business processes, and wish them – wherever they are located in the southern-eastern Balkans – to keep on achieving significant gains using our services.


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