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HAM independent hospitality & tourism advisors go SUSTAINABLE and move ESG* into their value chain

Christof Burgbacher, appointed Director of Sustainable Development at HAM effective 1. August 2021!

The traditional model of tourism and hospitality, that is, the way the sector has developed in Europe and Africa over the past 30 years, is at a tipping point. When it comes to tourism management, it is imperative to integrate sustainability into national and investment strategies and ensure that this goes beyond tokenism, to make a real and tangible difference at all levels.

Destinations, Investors, and developers are committed to developing more sustainable and intelligent forms of tourism and accommodation facilities, and they understand the potential for sustainability schemes to enhance Europe’s and Africa’s reputation, attractiveness, and visitor experiences.

We are very pleased to announce that Christof will join our team of experts as Director of Sustainable Development.

Christof has many years of experience in the international hotel industry paired with profound expertise in sustainable development. He is listed as an expert by internationally recognized organizations and networks and has been awarded at several occasions and events as "Best Sustainable Tourism Consultant in Morocco / North Africa" and also advised investors in Europe and beyond.

Our team has extensive experience and expertise in all fields of tourism and the hospitality industry therefore we can provide our clients with expert assistance in the following fields: project planning, development, asset management, real estate, tourism mapping, investment, and turnaround management.

This new collaboration with Christof marks that sustainability will be the focal point of our actions. HAM will make the sustainability model and standards accessible to any tourism development and we will have the solutions to integrate it into daily operations. Taken this step means to be the trendsetter responding to guest expectations and future regulatory obligations.

Additionally, you can rely on our professionalism and experience backed by more than 200 successful projects in the past 20 years in 28 countries.

We are passionate about supporting the growth of our industry in various regions, therefore most of our past projects have been in Africa, the CEE and SEE countries, where new tourism and travel projects offer great potential.

*ESG/Environment, Social, Governance


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