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time-sharing and others

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time sharing, fractional living & condo hotels are more widespread on the American market. These concepts have a great potential in the right properties.


HAM is open to work on assignments with similar concepts in the development, restructuring and mediation stages. We are also able to assist the inclusion of this asset class into a mixed-use development.

click on the pictures and discover the other asset classes we work with:

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HAM is a full service international hotel, tourism and leisure real estate advisory firm with about 20 independent consultants and advisors operating in 16 countries throughout the CEE, SEE, CIS regions and all over the globe. 

We offer a full portfolio of services in 5 different stages of the product life cycle.


Contact us to tell us about your project and needs so that we can evaluate which of our services you might benefit from and send you a personalised proposal.

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