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financial liaison services

HAM can be instrumental in the process of project financing in the following ways:

  • Due to our continued presence as advisors in the CEE, SEE, CIS and West African regions we have well established relationships with a large network of institutional funds, financial institutions, investors and real estate agents who are constantly looking to invest.

  • HAM feasibility studies and asset valuations are renowned for their accuracy and as a project documentation for parties considering financing or investing in a future hotel development.

  • HAM can assist in finding the most effective financing combinations and financial structuring for your endeavour.

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We would love to hear from you and learn more about your property. If you are interested in how we could be of service to you, share your current situation, goals and priorities with us and we will get back to you with a personalised offer as soon as possible!

If you have a real estate for sale or are looking to purchase, you can see our current offer on our real estate marketplace.

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