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investment cost estimates

Successful projects are a combination of great ideas and thorough planning. Investment cost estimates Investment cost estimates for both new- and restructuring projects must be rigorous and accurate. As advisors with experience in hospitality and real estate projects, our role is to scrutinise details and push for efficiency and perfection.

Leaving no stone unturned, we‎ prepare detailed cost estimates of a hotel, resort or tourism projects including collateral expenses and reserves for eventual unexpected expenditures. Our team is also able to evaluate existing cost estimates and prepare 2nd opinions studies.‎

Investing the evaluation of cost estimates by 3rd party advisors ensures due diligence, maximises ROI and can also mitigate losses during times of crisis. Our financial evaluations within hotel projects include the following areas:

  • land and building asking prices

  • infrastructure provision

  • construction costs in the main areas

  • domestic engineering

  • architects - General transferee

  • interior Design

  • FF&E, IT and OSE procurement

  • pre-opening expenses

  • consulting and agency fees, authority provisions

  • strategic reserves

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