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evaluations and 2nd opinion studies

When it comes to risk regarding large projects, one cannot be careful enough. Even if a feasibility study was already conducted, it is a common practice in hospitality to have a third party review the study, re-evaluate it and provide the developer with additional input and adjustments.


Certain projects may evoke differing opinions between professionals or indeed some mistakes might exist in a completed feasibility study. In any case, a second approach might shed light on some aspects that the first one missed. Furthermore, the accuracy of a feasibility study will decrease with time, therefore in case of a minor delay in the development a second opinions study is highly recommended.

our solution:

The dual-control or ‘four eyes’ principle may significantly reduce risks for the developers by investigating the project from another viewpoint. HAM can add an international perspective in the feasibility of projects with extensive experience in CEE, SEE, CIS and Africa. Learn more about our feasibility studies here.

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