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concept development

A unique concept is what embodies the ethos, pathos and logos of a hotel/resort/restaurant or any other type of asset. Meaning more than just a great design, concepts in the hospitality industry impact guest interest, satisfaction and utility resulting in success for the business owners and operators.


In today’s climate hotels and restaurants need to find their competitive edge by defining a unique concept that caters to modern travellers’ needs, such as the need for connectivity, simplicity, smart living, authentic and local experience. This list goes on as new trends appear – that is why hoteliers and other businesses have to be ahead in order not only to follow trends but to be among the pioneers.



Creating a great design on its own is one thing, but a remarkable concept has to channel many aspects into that design. It is easy to make mistakes when a concept is developed over-dominantly by an architect or by any one specialist in their field as the end result might focus on one subjective element while disregarding real-life and the guests’ need and therefore fail to connect with them.

our solution:


HAM’s approach is highly destination focused. We take into consideration the history and heritage of the region and keep elements that can resonate with future guests. Afterwards we bring in an international viewpoint, where it is needed, to reach the standards global travellers are looking for. When the groundwork is set we turn your project into a story. Storytelling through your product is an important factor that will allow guests to truly connect with what you are doing. A comprehensive concept will ultimately help your property stand out and consolidate its position in the market.

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We would love to hear from you and learn more about your project. If you interested in how we could be of service to you, share your current situation, goals and priorities with us and we will get back to you with a personalised offer as soon as possible!

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