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HAM Tourism & Destination Development and Marketing Advisory Services

We provide tourism development and marketing advisory services that help destinations, tourism organizations and travel brands define and communicate their identities, bring tourism products to market, understand their unique selling points, find market access and position everything for effective online advertising and media campaigns.

We use our processes and methodology to help communities and destinations proactively manage their tourism development and destination resources.

Our knowledge and foresight encompass consumer and industry trends in adventure, culture and sustainable travel.

As influential voices and practitioners in the sustainable tourism industry, we draw on years of experience with social enterprises, NGOs, Investors and sustainability organisations. And we help you avoid some of the typical mistakes in tourism development that we see over and over again.

Real world; market-oriented. Our work, from the high-level strategy to the implementation of the market launch, has proven itself in this area.

Our work focuses on providing our customers with fast processing and market orientation. Our reports, research and work products contain observations and recommendations that can be implemented, approaches that should be repeatable and scalable. The mission: feasible, credible, sustainable, organic and sustainable results.

We are strategic and yet practical. Practical and entrepreneurial. Accessible and humorous.

We have one foot in the travel industry and the other in the world of consumer travel.

We work with countries, destinations, DMOs and small business stakeholders to uncover key cultural, culinary, historical and environmental strengths. We help you connect these key destination assets with leading travel trends – including sustainable tourism practices – to develop a tourism development and destination positioning strategy that differentiates you and highlights your uniqueness.

Summary of services:

  • National and regional Tourism Development Master & Milestone Plans

  • Strengthening of institutional capacities of National Tourism Administrations - Adjustment and improvements in existing tourism regulations in accordance with international standards;

  • Development of community–based tourism -Alleviation of poverty through tourism;

  • Tourism mapping - Formulation and implementation of appropriate   strategic marketing plans and promotional strategies

  • Analysis of the value chain - SWOT analysis - Market segmentation - Positioning & Differentiation;

  • Destination rating - Identification and assessment of potential tourism development areas;

  • Establishment of coherent frameworks for long-term sustainable tourism development;

  • DMO development - Development of human resources for tourism;

  • Visitor attraction Planning;

  • Stakeholder engagement;

  • Regional destination development - Development of rural and eco-tourism;

  • Stimulation and promotion of public-private partnerships;

  • Product incubators / Innovation;

  • Establishment of hospitality/hotel classification systems

  • Method development;

  • Website/Content and Asset Strategy - Deployment of information technology in tourism;

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We would love to hear from you and learn more about your business. If you are interested in how we could be of service to you, share your current situation, goals and priorities with us and we will get back to you with a personalised offer as soon as possible!

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