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Turnaround management can be a crucial tool in times of change, slowdown or crisis. A successful turnaround programme includes a clearly formulated vision, which is supported by a sound strategy and action plan. Assistance from external advisors can contribute fresh ideas to your project as well provide a project management framework in order to ensure that the strategy is being implemented efficiently.

During crisis management or performance enhancement projects, we aim to fully examine the following aspects within your organisation:

  • accounting and controlling

  • purchasing and cost control

  • human resources performance

  • departmental performance

  • long-term strategy, alignment between owner and operator

We employ a hands-on approach and work on behalf of owners and emerge ourselves fully within the organisation. We can assist you by addressing these issues from various angles: financial, operational, strategic and inter-personal. We seek to combine these factors and give our clients a complete package of recommendations and we are ready to be on the ground and implement the changes ourselves.

Regardless of the assignment’s size, we are always dedicated to help. We consider our clients as partners, making their long-term success our personal priority. We will strive to preserve and enhance asset value and foster a good working relationship between owners and operators.

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We would love to hear from you and learn more about your business. If you are interested in how we could be of service to you, share your current situation, goals and priorities with us and we will get back to you with a personalised offer as soon as possible!

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