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hotel interim management

For a defined transition period, HAM is able to undertake temporary management of hotels and other hospitality profit centres with the objective of strategic re-organisation. Through our network of hospitality professionals, we create a milestone and quality development action plan that defines the objectives and with clear deadlines. 

What we provide you with in this field of work are: 

  • pre-defined, task-oriented results

  • limited time period

  • measurable results

  • savings by eliminating payroll expenses

  • allowing full-time management to perform their regular duties without interruption

  • availability on short notice 

  • all engagements are scheduled to ensure that all tasks are 100% completed in a timely manner

  • all engagements have predetermined and approved durations ranging from 2 to 18 months

  • special programs for pre-, post-opening and refurbishment processes


We can provide interim management services combined with many of our other services based on our clients’ individual needs that are determined by the phase their project is in, financial objectives, technical requirements etc. HAM is able to assist you with the following elements in various categories:


hotel management:

  • sales and marketing

  • revenue management and e-commerce

  • brand management and quality assurance

  • food and beverage

  • finance and accounting

  • risk management

  • procurement

  • development

  • planning and positioning

  • technical services

  • human resources

  • training and professional development

hotel audit

  • technical revision and inspection

  • architectural revision and inspection

  • real estate and facility revision

  • interior design and landscaping

  • procurement revision

  • economical audit

  • marketing, positioning and branding


hotel advisory

  • operational support

  • training programs

  • financial controlling

  • strategic marketing

  • revenue management


  • proposed development usage and pricing analysis

  • financial analysis

  • valuation analysis

  • area, demographic, and neighbourhood analysis

  • proposed development recommendations and costs

  • market analysis

  • site review

  • comparison of value created to projected costs


  • brand development

project development

  • concepts

  • design

  • space planning

  • layouts

  • service requirements

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We would love to hear from you and learn more about your business. If you are interested in how we could be of service to you, share your current situation, goals and priorities with us and we will get back to you with a personalised offer as soon as possible!

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