pre-development planning

strategy development and vision creation

Regardless of whether you are in the pre-planning phase of a project or if you need to re-position your existing business, it is crucial to have a sound vision that all stakeholders share. It is a relatively small step in the entire strategy-creation, however it has profound consequences on the impact you can make on your customers, investors and employees.



Not having a common vision within your business or organisation in place leads to the actors having diverging goals. If these goals and objectives are not aligned early on in the planning process it will have a negative effect on your financial and organisational performance in the future.


our solution:

HAM offers a simple solution to building the bases for your project. We engage management, ownership and other connecting parties in a 2-5 days’ workshop (regarding on the size of the project). During the workshop we orchestrate a dialogue that concludes with finding a common ground for the philosophical direction the business has to take to achieve its short, medium and long-term goals.

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