We specialise in connecting all aspects of hospitality, real estate and tourism.

pre-development planning

Helping you build solid foundations for your project.

development & project management

Planning and executing projects in a cost- and time-effective manner and achieving higher yields.

asset management

Creating win-win solutions for hotel owners and operators.

performance & turnaround management

Helping you operate to the maximum of your abilities both in quality and performance.

real estate transactions

Making exceptional projects and deals happen.

tourism and destinations

Planning for long term success on all levels.


HAM is an independent hotel, tourism and real estate advisory company providing services throughout the product life cycle, starting from planning and development through management to the final project sale. 

Our team has extensive experience and expertise in all fields of the industry and therefore we can provide our clients with expert assistance in all fields including hospitality, project planning, development, real estate, investment and tourism. Learn more about what makes us special and what specific services we offer.

You can rely on our professionalism and experience backed by more than 200 successful projects in the past 17 years in 28 countries.

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HAM independent hospitality & tourism advisors

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